Yoga & Family Constellations

Masks off !
To take off the mantles of blind love, protection, distraction, stupor, destruction and inauthenticity.
Three days of further discovering, deepening and liberating yourself so that you can continue more freely and lighter. Three days full of impulses for a freer, more energetic, more joyful and more authentic life. Deepening for three days to get closer to your true core and essence, which is whole and may be loved. During these three days you get the opportunity to leave ballast and tension behind. Get rid of layers (masks and cloaks) that often (unconsciously) constrict and limit you. To be able to see, feel and understand yourself more and better.
An impulse to set your process in motion again, on a deeper layer. Plant new healthy seeds, give them proper care during and after these three days, let the fruits ripen and pick them one day and enjoy them to the fullest.

Uncover and move from surviving to real live
Vulnerable as we are, we protected ourselves from what was too much and too big for us. Luckily. Especially when we were kids and small and alone. That’s how we survived and we could move on. What was protection for survival will one day – certainly as we grow up – become a limitation and a threat to real life. One day our survival strategies will become destructive.
This process itself is unconscious and also makes our destructive strategies unconscious. We do no longer see them, we do no longer experience them and we are no longer aware of them. They are nestled in every cell of our body, our brain, in the dust of our psyche, our Soul. They have usurped a place beyond our memory and co-direct our lives, like a conductor who orders: sing only the bass line, the melody is not for you. Hum softly, real singing isn’t for you.
And we choose names for this strategy that refer to the protection: masks (Jungian sounds even nicer: personae), cloaks, armor, walls. These strategies nestle deep in our being and eat our energy and joy of life from within. Life becomes daily suffering. Suffering because the repressed emotions and desires begin to withdraw and make themselves felt as pain.
Before that, our bodies and minds have already given many signals that it is good to go inward and explore what there is to discover. In this way it becomes interesting to admit our pain, look it in the eye, offer it a chair and listen to what this pain has to say. Our body then tells about the pain of sadness, anger, fear that was not allowed to be there. To be. About repressed loss and death. About not being seen, afraid to be seen, the prohibition to have fun and enjoy, the taboo to really live (free)….

Yoga sessions.
Breathe, feel and get the undercurrent moving again. Activating our self-healing ability. Liberating and enlightening our body, heart and mind. Learn to silence and listen to your own body and soul. Because where it becomes quiet and spacious, things become more audible, visible and sensible and conscious.
During the yoga sessions the focus will be on ‘discovering/uncovering’ by liberating us physically, mentally and emotionally by: our breath (our life force and undercurrent, Chi, flow …), custom movement, grounding, connection and creating space, feeling and sensing where tension and (unconscious) suppressed emotions are stored / stuck and through meditation and visualization.
This means that we will reconnect with our bodies. So more out of our head and into our body. Calming our nervous system. Arriving in here and now. Becoming aware of our body and daring to listen to it. To everything our body has stored, covered and remembered (trauma) to protect us emotionally to let us survive. Mind-body connection.
In this way we move from tension to relaxation, from cramped to relaxation and letting go, from blocked and deactivated to movement and flow (chi flow). We do this with Hatha based yoga. A calm yoga form that strengthens the bridge, connection and balance between body and mind. Between yin and yang, the masculine and feminine energies, sun and moon, the left and right hemispheres of the brain. These yoga sessions are for everyone and everybody. Full of love, awareness and respect for your own body limits and possibilities.

Family constellations: in blind love, discovering knowing love.
On our life path we encounter themes, challenges and problems that demand a lot from us, and on which we seem to have little or no grip. These things happen to us and are going to happen again. This can be in the field of relationships and intimacy, work and creativity, health and energy, spirituality and meaning. The systemic approach makes it clear that a lot of suffering originates from a painful event in the family history. On a personal level, the family members then found a way to (over)live with it as smoothly as possible. On the unconscious collective layer, there remains an injury that has not yet healed and that still needs attention. Family constellations reveal the collective dynamics behind the pain in personal stories, and how individual family members are used to recall the painful event. Constellations allow people to break free from the “entanglement” and live their own lives. Blind love becomes knowing love. A family constellation makes its own contribution to a healing process. It is a step in the process.
With family constellations, we enter the systemic field that, like yoga, is as old as humanity. Healers, shamans, wizards make use of the energy and information released in family constellations. There is room for five family constellations and we will also do some systemic movements/exercises. Together we enter inner areas where perhaps no one has yet been. Unknown, but yet places where energy and life force is hidden and salvaged.

Creating a supported space in which to learn and grow.
Discovering what is inhibiting, becoming disloyal to what was presented. It takes courage, practice, discipline, warriorship. During these three days we will create a “holding space” together in which everyone can discover their own hidden destruction. Three days in which we look at our lives, allow ourselves to be touched by something bigger than ourselves, and gain energy and wisdom to grasp this life and shape it freely and appropriately. Three autumn days with lots of fun. With a lot of silence and humor too. Where there is room for happiness and joy. Days of deep breathing. The vital energy of the earth stream, that each of us, every man and woman, carries deep within, becomes sensible, tangible and visible. Yoga is wisdom. It allows us to discover what can be left behind. No matter how deeply rooted it is in our being. Family constellations also have something of this wisdom: they humble us, invite us to limit ourselves to our own live. And by really living our own live, we honor our parents. The dead ancestors dance and sing in their graves when they see the living really taking their live!

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Basic training of Claeren Smets is teacher physical education. She practiced judo at international level. She now builds a life as holistic coach and yogateacher, focusing on the restoration of the basic vitality. Zij combines different yoga traditions in function of the healing proces. To complete this mission she works as breath coach and she is a qualified practioner in the triggerpoint- and pain-reset-methode. In this approach the focus is on healing emotional trauma, chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety and lethargy.
Contact her by mail:, Instagram: or mobile: 0032 497 37 47 04
Johan Smets works as psychotherapist, homoeopath and facilitator of Family Constellations (F.C). In 2007 he is certificated for the basic course F.C, Follow-up course F.C. (2009) by Jan Jacob Stam and Bibi Schreuder, Ursula Franke, Christine Essen and Guni Baixa; For Organisational Constellations by Jan Jacob Stam (2009), Constellations with illness and symptoms by Stefan Hausner (2010). All at the Bert Hellinger Institute Groningen. Trauma work with Ursula Franke, Munich (2013) and Reconstructive Constellations with Carola Castillo, Groningen (2012 and 2014). His skills are deepened by workshops given by Bert Hellinger himself and eminent facilitators as: Jacob Schneider, Johannes Benedikt Schmidt, Eelco de Geus, Anngwyn St. Just. Meer info vind je hier. Contacteren via mail
Riet Rooms, wife and mother. She has a lot of experience by representing in F.O and practicing Yoga. She loves to surprise people by fresh and original catering.

Van harte welkom.

Claeren, Riet en Johan.

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