Claeren – Clara Smets 

Clara has been working with people her whole life. She understands and feels the needs of others, which makes her able to adapt her classes and help people to feel safe, supported and guided.​

She worked for many years as a sports teacher in schools and in sports education, in the gym as a fitness and personal trainer and organising outdoor boot-camps and judo workshops.

Teaching and working with people and their bodies has always been what she loves the most and does best. It also helps her to remind herself to take care of her own body and soul.

​Suddenly becoming very ill with Lyme’s disease, Clara had to adapt her lifestyle in many ways. This was a very difficult period in her life, with many changes and beautiful life lessons. She began to focus and deepen into herself more with yoga, meditation and nutrition and her health improved amazingly.

This personal experience of the benefits of yoga, meditation and healthy eating, together with her yoga teacher training (with Quaternity Yoga School), have convinced Clara that these are important keys for returning to health from many dis-eases, including anxiety, sleeping disorders, panic attacks, stress disorders, depression etc.

​Clara likes to travel around the world learning and teaching more about how to improve health and connect with the body and soul, finding love and inner peace.

In her yoga classes Clara focuses on creating a safe, supportive and relaxed environment, where her students can be themselves and can really open up. She likes to remind people how important it is to take time for themselves; to take good care of their bodies and souls; to love themselves for who they are – with all their perfections and imperfections; to identify with their inner and outer beauty; and to nurture self-love.

Further she works as a breath coach and qualified practitioner of the trigger point and pain reset method. Here the focus is on healing from emotional trauma, chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety and listlessness. It combines various yoga flows in function of the recovery process. She developed herself the very powerful ‘body-mind reset’ method for chronic pain.

Most of all Clara is a very enthusiastic, warm and open yoga teacher, who can really motivate you to bring movement in to your body and your mind and to bring you to a higher level – a step closer to who you really are and who you can be.

Contact by mail:,
tel: 0032 497 37 47 04